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Beyonce Named Most BEAUTIFUL Woman!!!!

YESSSS!!!!!! People Magazine has given the title of “Most Beautiful Woman” to super-woman, super-mom, super-mogul, super-wife, super-entrepreneur, and now super-Beautiful: BEYONCE! I’m sure Yvonne is thrilled as much as I am, because we love this chic. Beyonce is the true epitome of a role model and has gone above and beyond in her career as the … Continue reading

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Fashion News: StyleLiner: Boutique on Wheels

What do you get when you have a 20-foot potato chip truck, loads of luxurious accessories from around the globe, and a genius, trendy 29-year-old entrepreneur? The StyleLiner, “the world’s first treasure chest on wheels!” Joey Wolffer, creator of The StyleLiner and former Nine West jewelry designer, wanted to take her talents and love of fashion to the … Continue reading

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Upcoming Events: Music and Food Festivals!

Hey guys…so now that the weather is finally getting better, it’s time to get outside and take advantage of it! What better way to do so than to attend some great music fests?! Music festivals are a great way to soak up the sunshine and get an awesome (and much needed) tan, drink booze, and listen to some goooood music. And, you don’t … Continue reading