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Do you Believe in Love?

what-is-loveDo you believe in love? And you can’t say no because everyone believes in love. I think it just takes someone to open your eyes to what love truly is. I mean, of course there are some people who just can’t stand the mushy, vulnerable, unselfish feeling and want nothing to do with love. But why? (And, let me just say this, love is more than just a feeling). Could it be that heart-break caused them to avoid it at all costs? Or maybe they don’t know what true love is all about?  Is it possible love someone too soon? If you know what love is, can you instantaneously fall in love without knowing your partner in and out? This can be so tricky because many times people confuse love with infatuation. We’ve all experienced infatuation before, you know when you THINK you love someone but you literally just met them 2 minutes ago. I guess it’s love at first sight or? And I’m not saying being infatuated is a bad thing, but it can come to bite you in the ass when you realize the person you thought you loved isn’t who you think they are. Maybe infatuation is a phase you go through before falling in love? Like a phase 1 of love? Because once infatuation fades, the real test comes when you know who the person is. If you can put up with a lot of their shit, their ups and downs, the dark side of them, then maybe you’re ready to love them. If you can accept these ugly truths, whether physical or emotional, then that’s when true love begins.

Love takes time, it has to grow and be nurtured like a sunflower if you want it to last. Love has so many advantages and disadvantages just like anything else in this world.  An advantage to love is knowing and accepting a person’s goodness. In this case, love can be a choice. Because you choose to accept the person for who they are, right? Love, most importantly, is knowing that it’s not another persons responsibility to make you happy, fulfilled, or complete. If you expect your partner to make you happy, you’re demanding love. I think it’s very important to take time being single, to make ourselves happy, so we can share happiness. When we’re happy when single, we’ll definitely be happy when in a relationship. Thus, when we’re happy we can concentrate on sharing our love instead of demanding it from our partners. Nobody likes a demanding partner, I know I don’t! Do you really want to be responsible for someone’s happiness?

The best thing about being in love is transparency. Imagine not having to hide who you are, how you feel, or what you’re thinking. Everyone deserves and needs to experience this because it’s good for our mental well-being. You might hate going to that job of yours, but knowing you have someone to love and who loves you back can make walking in and sitting at that desk just a little bit easier.

I’ve loved before so I know what it means to love and be loved. Falling in love is another magical and beautiful experience.

So now folks, do you believe in love? How did you know you were in love?  Share your thoughts.


One thought on “Do you Believe in Love?

  1. Love does exist & I am a believer however knowing wether you are or are falling in love is tricky as you said… So what do you do in this situation, You take a leap of faith… Talking from personal experience I think it is possible too fall in love at first sight… It not always about how many months or years you’ve been dating a person to determine wether you can fall in love or not with them… When I met my boyfriend & it wasn’t even that long ago, it was like a jigsaw puzzle that clicked together perfectly, bare in mind that this guy isn’t someone that I would normally date his the complete opposite but yet I find myself falling head over heels for him everyday, too add fuel to the fire we are doing this long distance relationship thing, we are two continents apart but the love is there, the distance isn’t even an issue.. If you can see a future in someone regardless of where they are then it’s something to pursue, not saying it’s something simple, but it takes alot of faith, trust & patience… Theirs no point of trying to set yourself up with time limits because life itself is unpredictable everyday is different, do what’s right by you & what makes you happy… If you’ve met someone who’s willing too bend over backwards for you, they show you the love & respect you deserve don’t pushes them away, accept that love & move forward with it don’t matter if you met them yesterday, last week or a month ago because that won’t change the way you feel about each other… Hope I’ve made sense x

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