#BeyHereNow / beyonce / videos


BEYONCE BEYONCE BEYONCE!!!! She just can’t stop! Her teaser #BeyHereNow has been revealed to be a Pepsi ad. In the video, Bey dances in front of a mirror, as multiple incarnations of herself appear. She revisits all of her past “personas” from her solo beginnings in “Crazy in Love” to the “Bootylicious-era with Destiny’s Child, to her more recent female empower-ess in  “Single Ladies.” Then there’s the modern-day Bey, dressed in sexy leather shorts and a black sheer shirt — Beyoncé shows us the things that make her…her: the body and the talent.

“Embrace your past,” she says at the end, “but live for now.”

She truly is an unstoppable force. How can you hate this woman?!?! Her hustle clearly has not changed one bit. She is comfortable in her own skin and she is working the hell out of it!

She is SERVING and giving the haters a reason to Bow Down!


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