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Sunday Funday Brunch

Hey guys and gals,
Over the weekend I hosted a girls brunch with some awesome ladies at Urbana in Washington, D.C. I gotta say, we had a blast! Everyone came out to show love, mingle, and eat! I would definitely recommend Urbana for your next Sunday brunch! There was an unlimited Bellini bar where you could pick your own juices/mixers and endless bottles of champagne. The food was just as good, too. I had “The Business” (lol at the pun) with the pumpkin waffle. Since it was such a large party and were all were wearing brightly colored outfits, not to mention how loud we were, some random guys kept coming over to our table and wanting to take pictures. Weird, but fun to say the least. Think I might start hosting brunches or dinners in the near future.





HAHAHA…fun times indeed!! I plan on having this type of brunch with Vonney when I see her SOON.


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