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Yvonne’s Life in Nairobi Instagrammed

So life in Nairobi has been going great. I focus so much of my time working and building my brand that I slack on blogging for you guys. Here are a couple of different pics of my style and me working!! I’ll try to keep up with this guys!! Promise.

I am an avid Instagram poster, so if you follow me then you probably have already seen these pics. But this is a bit of my MYLM style. I went from having sharp bangs to them growing out and me having to rock the side swoop. My hair is growing crazy fast. I’m not gonna lie, I do miss my weave! Miranda and some of my closest friends love the natural hair tho. What do you guys think?

Work is going great! Thank God!! Tujuane keeps me so busy, having done some radio interviews, TV promos and guest starring on another local show. I’ve been super blessed!! Tujuane was even nominated for “Best TV Show”. Unfortunately, we didn’t win. But, we are still new and it means so much just to be noticed! Thanks to all the fans who voted for us at the SOMA Awards.


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